PizzaCarrier - Pizza without cardboard

For a good pizza you need not only excellent ingredients and a skilled baker, but also professional equipment for transport and a table which is nicely set. Good pizza comes on the table fresh and hot, on a wooden board. 

 Pizza on a wooden board - hot fresh and crispy

PizzaCarrier is the new means of transport for pizza. With PizzaCarrier you can transport pizza yourself - hot, fresh and crispy. Unlike all other means of pizza transport, PizzaCarrier does not require a cardboard box. 

PizzaCarrier consists of three components:

Board: The pizza will be delivered on a wooden board. Compare board.

Container: The thermo container is being used by many professional pizza suppliers. it is practically undestructable. It can be used for all food transport, hot and cold. Compare Container.

Cover: The cover is put over the pizza inside the container. Compare cover.