The cover keeps the pizza out of reach of particles or fluids which may fall upon it. It is necessary for hygienic reasons. 

The cover has a maximal outer diameter of 350 mm and fits exactly into the thermocontainer. It has a height of 40 mm. It´s inner dimensions are 36 mm in height and 342 mm in diameter. 

The cover consists of ABS, Acrylnitril-Butadien-Styrol, which is known from classic Lego. This material is heat-resistant up to 80° Celsius. It is eligible for use with food.

The cover is larger than the board, hence air can circulate in the container and under the cover.

It is possible to form a stack from two or more boards and lids inside the container.


2 boards with 2 covers form a stack



Cover and board inside the container