Why was the PizzaCarrier created?

PizzaCarrier is an ecological project. 2 billion pizza-cartons are being consumed every year worldwide. In pizza delivery there was no alternative to the cardboard-box, - we want to change this. 

Which advantages has the PizzaCarrier for the pizza bakery?

  1. The bakery saves folding the pizza carton. 
  2. The cartons cost between 15 and 30 cent, depending on quality and build. This cost is avoided.
  3. The PizzaCarrier will give the bakery a modern and eco-friendly image.

Which advantages has the PizzaCarrier for the customer?

  1. Many people prefer to eat pizza from a plate or board, but do not own the proper dishes. 
  2. Pizza on a board tastes better than Pizza from a cardboard box.
  3. The big cardboard boxes are difficult to get rid off.
  4. One way food packaging is regarded as an unecological waste of resources.

 What happens with the steam?

Pizza produces steam, when it is hot. This steam makes cardboard go damp. In the pizzacarrier the steam condenses in the lid. It is easy to wipe out the cover after using it. The steam is, in fact, the main reason, why pizza should not be transported in the container without a cover.