The PizzaCarrier can be used by private parties or firms to pickup pizza. Many pizza bakeries will give a discount for pickup, after all it saves them delivering the pizza. Also the PizzaCarrier can be used for other TakeAway meals or for the transport of cooled drinks.

All components of the PizzaCarrier can be used for the household on their own behalf. E.g. the cover can be used as a tray, and the board can be used for serving ham or cheese. 

Buying a PizzaCarrier makes sense for all households who have to transport hot food or cold drinks on a regular basis.

If you want to pickup pizza or other Takeaway meals with the PizzaCarrier it is adviseable, the first time around, to go to the place with the PizzaCarrier and show the cook where to put the pizza and/or the other TakeAway meals.