The PizzaCarrier can be used for Chinese, Thai or e.g. Turkish and/or lebanese TakeAway meals as well as pizza. For this purpose we recommend the Lunchboxes by Emsa. These are specifically apt for the PizzaCarrier, for the following reasons:

  • You can put up to 4 boxes into one PizzaCarrier. 
  • An additional triangular bread case is contained, which can be used for sandwiches.
  • The box fits just into the 50 mm ThermoContainer. Better is, however, to use the 80 mm container.
  • One lunchbox fits 850 ml. Most Takeaway meals are being served in 650 ml containers, hence the box is big enough for most TakeAway meals.
  • The four lockers, one on each side, keep the lunch box tight and waterproof. 
  • The box is microwaveable, which means you can reheat the food easily at home.

Of course you can also use your own lunchboxes in the PizzaCarrier. Pls consider the inner measures of the container, which are 35 cm * 35 cm, with a height of 50 mm or 80 mm. 


PizzaCarrier 50 mm height with 4 Lunchboxes inside